Movie Review: Winchester

Winchester is an unremarkable horror movie devoid of any shred of entertainment, made worse by the fact that it wasted an intriguing character, a perfect setting and a great actress to deliver tiresome jumpscares and moth-eaten B-movie tactics.

Movie Review: Billionaire Boys Club

Held back by a script that’s content on its derivative B-movie offerings, Billionaire Boys Club is a half-baked morality tale that’s as forgettable as its lead.

Movie Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is a middling celebration on either fronts – a superficial highlight reel of Queen and sanitized biopic of Freddie Mercury – all crammed into a rote music biopic that is a disservice to the extraordinary man at its center.

Movie Review: First Man

First Man peels off the romanticism of space exploration to create a personal focus on the Space Race, delivering a well-executed albeit cold journey to the moon thanks to great performances and meticulous imagery.

Movie Review: Goyo (Ang Batang Heneral)

Goyo (Ang Batang Heneral) is a well executed historical epic whose story serves as a pervading allegory for the Philippine government, thanks to a well executed script that goes beyond a semi-biographical look at Gregorio del Pilar’s last days to tackle cronyism and cult of personality.