Movie Review: Brightburn

Brightburn is a one trick pony filled with a derivative mix of an evil-child horror, slasher flick, and revisionist Superman story.

Movie Review: Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary is an unnecessary remake with middling efforts to justify its existence, turning a great family tragedy into a slasher flick with disposable characters and a routine plot-driven script.

Movie Review: Us

Blessed with a director capable of combining political allegories with popcorn thrills, Us is an entertaining blend of horror and comedy about duality with story-driven visuals and great performances.

Movie Review: Escape Room (2019)

Escape Room is a serviceable enough sleepover entertainment thanks to a great cast and creative set pieces, until it gets ahead of itself and falls into a tropey rabbit hole in its attempt to build a franchise.

Movie Review: Halloween (2018)

Halloween wastes its potential to become more than just fan service by underserving a nuanced anti-heroine because of a misguided script and misplaced humor.

Movie Review: The Nun

The Nun wastes a distinctive antagonist on a plot filled with repetitive standard-issue scares and horror cliches, turning a slow-burn religious mystery into a hackneyed spin-off.