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Movie Review +Analysis: Annihilation

More than just a beautiful heap of nonsense, Annihilation is a unique enthralling sci-fi thriller hiding a relatable allegory, brought to life by a cerebral ambitious script, mesmerizing imagery, and distinctive musical score.

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Movie Review: Rampage

Rampage is an impossibly bland potboiler and in its attempt for mass market appeal, becomes too derivative to sell any gravitas it tries to achieve and provide memorable albeit mindless fun.

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Movie Review: Braven

Braven is an earnest family drama, but its perfunctory action and on the nose script leaves everything so unremakable that even Jason Momoa’s charisma can’t save this formulaic thriller.

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Movie Review: A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is a straightforward horror with a thin plot, but its creative scares, engaging performances, and emotionally grounded script make this crowdpleasing suspense thriller a nerve-rattling tale about sacrifice, familial love and communication.

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Movie Review: Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is an unconvincing feminist slant on the Jesus Christ story that will lull you to sleep despite its painterly visuals and moving musical score, no thanks to staid monotonous storytelling.
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Movie Review: Pacific Rim – Uprising

Pacific Rim: Uprising scrubs away everything that made its predecessor distinct, turning into a run-in-the-mill robot blockbuster no thanks to a derivative script, ineffective lead, and forgettable characters.

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