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Movie Review: IT

Thanks to great performances, character dynamics, and well-staged scares, IT is a veritable first chapter to a popular Kinglore that is able to capture the essence of its source material and deliver enjoyable scares.
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Movie Review: Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky is a forgettable caper, but its entertaining enough to serve as comfort food for hungry Soderbergh fans and offers a serviceable summer movie for the rest.

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Movie Review: American Made

Unless you’re looking for a standard issue Tom Cruise showcase, American Made is a monotonous, forgettable and sterile true-crime comedy thriller with uninvolving characters.

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Movie Review: Embrace of the Serpent

Embrace of the Serpent is a poignant yet transportive cinematic experience that gives a voice to lost civilizations and an insightful dissection of colonialism in the Colombian Amazon, thanks to its gorgeous monochrome cinematography, heartfelt narrative, atmospheric sound design, and stunning set-pieces.
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Movie Review: The Dark Tower

Neither book fans nor new audiences will find anything past mediocre here – The Dark Tower is a supposedly surrealist western turned into a generic blockbuster hero story with tepid thrills, by-the-numbers RPG plot, and negligible characters.

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Cinemalaya Movie Review: Kiko Boksingero

Kiko Boksinger is a simple, bittersweet and charming crowdpleaser, thanks to a nuanced script that doesn’t resort to cheap melodrama and great performances from its cast.

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