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Movie Review: Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is an unconvincing feminist slant on the Jesus Christ story that will lull you to sleep despite its painterly visuals and moving musical score, no thanks to staid monotonous storytelling.
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Movie Review: Pacific Rim – Uprising

Pacific Rim: Uprising scrubs away everything that made its predecessor distinct, turning into a run-in-the-mill robot blockbuster no thanks to a derivative script, ineffective lead, and forgettable characters.

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Movie Review: Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a hollow forgettable fan service whose kaleidoscope of geek pop culture references isn’t enough to compensate for its empty avatars, contrived plot, and half-assed YA dystopia.

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Movie Review: Game Night

Game Night is a stereotypical action comedy thriller movie, but it’s endearing performances, cast chemistry, and creative choices make it a serviceable albeit forgettable popcorn entertainment.

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Movie Review: Unsane

Unsane is a by-the-numbers stalker flick, but its social commentary, great performances, and docudrama aesthetic provides enough thrills to keep you engaged all throughout.

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Sinag Maynila Movie Review: Abomination

Abomination features a few good performances, but this mystery thriller is suspenseless, contrived and uninvolving no thanks to a cliched script with gaping plot holes and negligible characters.

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Movie Review: Tomb Raider (2018)

Tomb Raider is supported by a committed lead, but this gritty yet bland reboot is buried underneath an uninvolving uninspired action adventure filled with Indiana Jones plot cliches and lifeless characters.

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Movie Review: Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow features a committed performance from Jennifer Lawrence, but this sensual spy flick is marred by a repetitive plot, gratuitous violence, and a muddled story that prevents it from being the provocative thrill ride it aspires to be.

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Movie Review: The Post

The Post is supported by great performances, but this timely prestige picture squanders its potential to be another dull Oscar bait no thanks to a superficial neatly packaged story that lacks a sense of urgency and biting social commentary.
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