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Movie Review: Justice League

Justice League is a garish, incoherent, cumbersome mess as DCEU tries to launch a wide-scale franchise without any of the origins groundwork in its attempt to catch up with MCU.

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Movie Review: Mayhem

Mayhem is a polished B-movie with committed performances, but that’s not enough to redeem this clumsily executed tedious juvenile action-comedy that doesn’t live up to its title.

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Movie Review: What Happened to Monday (Seven Sisters)

What Happened to Monday is supported by a committed performance by Noomi Rapace, but she’s overshadowed by a Dystopian tale that wastes its intriguing premise and becomes a predictable, cliched and derivative sci-fi thriller.

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Movie Review: Thor – Ragnarok

Albeit confined to the Marvel formula, Thor: Ragnarok is still a fun cosmic adventure thanks to its self-aware humor, colorful visuals, spirited cast and a director who managed to inject it with a personality.

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Movie Review: Geostorm

Geostorm is a dull, hackneyed decade behind disaster movie and blockbuster wannabe chock full of generic elements that it’ll make you wonder who actually thought it was worth spending 120 million dollars on (marketing costs not included).

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Movie Review: The Foreigner

Albeit filled with good performances, The Foreigner remains as a convoluted political thriller and by-the-numbers action flick no thanks to its fragmented script and over-plotted storytelling.

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