The Overrated and Underappreciated Movies of 2017

There’s so much in the way of storytelling in filmmaking that a good movie can be buried by inadequate film distribution, hype, moviestar appeal, and marketing. At the same time, these same elements can also misleadingly elevate mediocre ones. Here’s my list for overrated and underappreciated movies of 2017.

10 Ingenious Animated Films Of the Decade Every Adult Should Watch

Beyond bringing anthropomorphized animals and talking toys to life, animated films have far more powers if you look beyond Pixar. These are my top ten ingenious films of the decade from 2007-2017 based on narrative depth, clever storytelling, and deft animation.

The Best and Worst Movies of 2017

2017 has been an interesting time in the cinema, where Blade Runner got a sequel, The Last Jedi revealed what kind of fandom Star Wars has, and a number interesting foreign films emerged to deliver something new for the thinking audience. When its great you get technically accomplished movies that deliver a stunning cinematic experience,…