Movie Review: Teen Spirit

Teen Spirit has a captivating lead surrounded by underdeveloped fragments of a standard a-star-is-born template, resulting into a flat forgettable picture that a couple of bops and earnest performances can’t save.

Movie Review: Fast Color

Fast Color offers an origins story with a grounded and compelling perspective, thanks to an introspective script, great performances, and solemn cinematography.

Movie Review: Spider-Man – Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home is a long-winded sequel held back by MCU duties, resulting into a disjointed story with intermittently entertaining asides, a flat romance and forced self-importance.

Movie Review: Booksmart

Booksmart is a buoyant and bracing teen comedy that injects a refreshing perspective to the high school movie formula thanks to pitch-perfect casting, a nuanced script, and an assured directing debut by Olivia Wilde.

Movie Review: Brightburn

Brightburn is a one trick pony filled with a derivative mix of an evil-child horror, slasher flick, and revisionist Superman story.