One day the age of seven (or eight I don’t remember exactly) I wrote a short story with an orange crayon at the back of a textbook and ever since then I have decided what I want to do with my life: to write.

I didn’t know exactly what to write. This has evolved from my lofty ideals of writing a novel to more feasible pursuits of crafting short stories, the few of which have not been published nor seen the light of day. As cliches often go, this is an impractical pursuit and I ended up in content marketing. I started a blog as a creative outlet, and somehow it turned into movie review blog.

Contrary to popular belief of what people think of film critics – professional or not – I’m not a snobby reviewer who watches movies to rant about it later on. A part of appreciating art, or anything for that matter, is making meaningful conversations about it.

Everything here is my opinion. I’m not here to bash your favorite directors or franchises for the sake of hating something or to fuel my blog with the attention of rabid fans. I don’t have any delusions that my writings will sway public opinion or influence box office figures.

These are just my insights and my way of appreciating great films. No more no less.