Movie Review: The Do-Over

The Do-Over misses the mark by turning a buddy comic adventure into a convoluted pharmaceutical thriller filled with the same old Sandler tricks and topped with man-pain bitterness.

The life of a bank manager is turned upside down when a friend from his past manipulates him into faking his own death and taking off on an adventure.

With a 4-picture deal with Netflix, you’d think that somewhere along the way Adam Sandler would produce something that’s at least tolerable enough. Unfortunately, The Do-Over reminds us that it’s a mistake to keep him trying.

In fairness, the buddy comic adventure does have a story that fit David Spade and Adam Sandler – Charlie as the snarky yet cowardly loser mentored by Max the weirdo goofball has potential. Sandler’s films are always about a middle aged white guy thrown into some man-child fantasy but here, there’s actually an adult premise.

Instead of trying to build on this to produce mindless yet decent enough distraction for the day, Happy Madison Productions doesn’t intend to raise the zero expectations of audiences, even by 1 percent.

A movie that is supposedly about regrets and – as what the title would have you believe – a do-over, turns into a convoluted pharmaceutical thriller and self-indulgent action hero vehicle for Adam Sandler. The audience is treated to contrived twists and turns with the same old stuff from his toolbox (plus vulgar old people). When the characters finally take control of their lives, it becomes a bros before hos adventure where women are screwed or screwed over.

You see, it’s not Charlie’s fault that he’s a sad spineless sack of flesh, it’s the women who are ruining his life. Max’s life is ruined too by some conniving hot bitch. Here, the women are either clingy bitches or duplicitous cunts. As a matter of fact the climax of this movie is a fistfight with Spade yelling, “I’m so tired of women lying to me and fucking me over!”

In the end, The Do-Over is no different that Sandler’s previous efforts – a movie that serves as nothing more than an extended vacation with his friends.

My Rating: 2/10

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