Movie Review: Mr. Right (2016)

Mr. Right is an hour long pointless joke no thanks to its B-movie production value, nonsensical script, and disposable characters.

Martha ends up falling in love with a hitman, who has a peculiar way of finishing his job.

Recycling some long forgotten hit movie can either turn into a homage kind of good or a bad rip-off. Unfortunately for its talented actors, Mr. Right falls on the latter.

Sam Rockwell, who starred in the under appreciated Moon does his best here, bringing in his killer moves. Anna Kendrick looks like she’s having fun. RZA makes his late appearance count. Tim Roth drops in as the movie tries to make a Tarantino connection and manages to be amusing. The rest of the cast, just like Mr. Right, is disposable.

The plot is a mixture of a derivative rom com, a half-baked twisted redemption tale, and a B-movie mob story. Martha’s life wouldn’t be complete until she tames her own fuckboy, this time though he’s the crazy kind. Francis, with his own brand of pseudo-fighting-science, is a hitman who kills his employers due to some vague moral awakening. A pair of homoerotic gang bros execute an ill-conceived takeover that’s used in the climax to spice things up.

These three plot lines unfold through nonsensical sequences sprinkled with meaningless obviously choreographed silly fight scenes and inhabited by one dimensional characters (Hopper is described as a “seriously mean guy”). Any comedy that it earns is solely from the talent of its actors because the screenplay by Max Landis and direction by Paco Cabezas doesn’t give them anything remotely decent to use.

It doesn’t help that the low production value makes everything look cheap and unremarkable. They’re in New Orleans, but the background is too generic to know the difference.

Mr. Right repackages Grosse Point Blank and attempts to be an indie screwball Pulp Fiction, but its lazily written and sloppily executed. Rockwell and Kendrick are engaging but that’s not enough to save this movie. There’s something interesting about a hitman who kills his employers but the makers of the movie doesn’t want to put in any effort, assuming that its actors’ comedic quirks is enough to get by.

Mr. Right is tolerable when strictly viewed as a dumb crime movie where two actors amuse each other. Other than that, its purely mind-numbing.

My Rating: 2/10


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