The Little Prince provides relatable lessons about the disillusionment of growing up for kids and twenty-somethings and manages to be a respectful book-to-movie adaptation, but it also loses sight of the real story as it becomes a Disneyfied tale of empowerment with a misleading title.

A young girl befriends an eccentric next door neighbor as she deals with her overbearing mother.

It’s a just a matter of time before we see a 3D adaptation of the Little Prince, whose story is perfect for the format.

This new version makes a respectful adaptation of the adult fable, which proves to have a good message for every generation.

The plot incorporates the story of the Little Prince into the narrative of a girl whose path to adulthood is meticulously planned by her overbearing mother. This modernized retelling provides an amusing visual contrast while delivering the source material’s lessons tailored for today’s audience. The 3D animation isn’t as detailed as Pixar’s creations but it’s compensated by a paper stop motion animation. The movie also incorporated the book’s drawing style which any fan would be appreciate.

This English dubbed version of the movie is nicely done with a cast that fit their roles. The ever likeable Jeff Bridges sounds affable as the eccentric old aviator. MacKenzie Foy is great as the Little Girl. The rest of the cast did well.

While this new adaptation provides the lessons kids and parents need today as socioeconomic pressures increase and commercialization of childhood continues, it merely extracts snippets from the source material to create a Disneyfied story of empowerment.

The Little Prince is not about the little prince at all, but centers around the little girl. The movie uses quotable quotes and popular moments in the book to serve its purpose and eventually gets too crowded as the adaption juggles multiple narrative strands and motifs.

As the story progresses, it increasingly deviates from the source material. In the end, the movie becomes a story about collecting pages of a quasi sci-fi tale from the quirky next door neighbor and its effect on the little girl, rather than the story of the little prince.

This 2015 adaptation of The Little Prince does have good intentions and respects its source material but doesn’t trust it enough to deliver its message, resulting into a well-intentioned but misguided effort.

My Rating: 6.5/10