Movie Review: The Avengers 2 – Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron is a spectacular piece of entertainment, but it’s also an unwieldy, mediocre, inconsequential follow-up that is neither a game changer in the Marvel Universe nor an engaging addition to its long list of films.

Tony Stark, with the help of Bruce Banner, builds a new robot made to protect the world so the Avengers can finally live a long overdue normal life. Things go awry as his creation, Ultron, decides that the best way to save the world is to get rid of mankind.

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron starts off with a bang that can make every fan boy have a nerdgasm.

The witty banter and character interplay remain intact, providing a lot of funny moments in the film. Hawkeye is given his time to shine and Jeremy Renner does a good job in highlighting the human side of the group. While he may not have Godlike powers or extraordinary capabilities his mundane life comes with a very ordinary yet special gift that everyone else may never have. The rest of cast did well.

Age of Ultron has spectacular team coordinated action pieces that are worth seeing in the cinema. Joss Whedon is able to highlight everyone’s capabilities while simultaneously showing what the Avengers are capable of when they work together.

However as the story moves along, its evident that Whedon and Co. are just going through the motions as they tick off another box in the blockbuster checklist. It has none of the heart and spark that elevated the first film.

this disaster could have been averted if Tony Stark had a sassy gay friend

The narrative recycles the same old tricks from the original, which are fast becoming tiresome elements especially if you want something new other than seeing our mightiest heroes bicker (again initiated by Stark) and make-up through an all out slugfest with the big bad of the month. This would have been tolerable if there was a worthy villain and a new approach to the character dynamics that could liven up the plot.

Unfortunately unlike Loki, Ultron is not engaging nor fun. He appears just in time to be foiled by our heroes. For a robot with superior intelligence, he has very few tricks up his sleeve, mostly involving a wave of drones one after the other. Like cliched self-aware robots, he’s an arrogant misguided entity who see human beings as pests. Although realistically, that’s what would happen if you base your decision on the internet.

The sequel completely tosses aside the character developments of its cast. The first movie made you care about them as individuals. This sequel treats them as passive employees who just want to do their job.

Captain America and Iron Man never go against each other unlike what the Marvel approved images told you. There are no signs of character growth that they have developed in their own previous films.

It reduced Black Widow into the unrequited love pining for a nice guy with anger issues. Whatever rare character development that the franchise has given to a female superhero evaporated.

Hulk is just basically the same brooding green monster, while Thor just hangs around until he has to fly off somewhere else. The new characters – with vague European accents – are just cannon fodder.

Towards the end, the movie employs one of the oldest trick in the book, a Deus ex Machina that has the team doing what most superhero movies have failed to do – evacuate ground zero.

It’s evident that Age of Ultron is striving for something bigger. Ultron’s underwritten intentions does have something to say and Hawkeye’s double life presents a good question to our heroes. It still delivers never before seen action.

However, this sequel doesn’t intend to make a ripple in the Marvel Universe and settles as a typical blockbuster. It’s just an ordinary film out of the Marvel machine made to fill a gap until the third movie comes along.

My Rating: 6.5/10

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  1. Very good review. I definitely agree with a lot of what you said. It’s definitely just “another movie” in the MCU. When looking at it from that angle, it’s very tough to hate on it. It wasn’t as grand and epic as the first Avengers, but it was still a very fun and entertaining movie. We should be grateful that it was exactly that.

    I’m enjoying your blog a lot! Check out mine if you get a chance. I’m looking forward to reading more of your reviews! Keep up the great work!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I pretty much said the same thing about Guardians of the Galaxy – just another Marvel formulated movie – and I got some hate filled comment from some anon fan. It’s tough to be critical about these films because everyone loves ’em, but someone’s gotta do it right?

      Sure, will check out your blog!

      1. As much as I do really enjoy Guardians, and how funny it is, it was definitely a tad over-rated. But that’s one of those movies that I’m okay with it being over-rated because of what it actually is. It features a raccoon and a tree and probably should have been a total failure. It just came as a shock that it was something with a lot of real entertainment value. But even with that said, yeah, that one isn’t even in my Top 5 for the MCU. But it is a fun one at the end of the day.

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