Movie Review: Ouija

Ouija is a trope filled horror and a cheap advertising ploy from Hasbro (in partnership with Universal).

In Ouija, a group of friends must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board.

Just like a mass marketed toy, Ouija is a cheaply assembled B-movie with low grade components.

The framework is laid out in the first 5 minutes – nubile teens, paranormal activity, and some creepy stuff that you shouldn’t be messing with.

It’s decorated with horror movie tropes – unintentionally unleashing some evil entity in search of the truth, the house with a dark past, a creepy family and their evil courting shenanigans, and one lone survivor.

It’s embedded with an operating core that’s a rip off of other successful franchises – Final Destination and Insidious.

The end product is a film with generic features – by the numbers plot, low impact scares, and a lame plot twist. Ouija’s characters are all disposable including the lead played by Olivia Cooke, who is the less adorable and poor man’s version of Lauren Mayberry.

There’s not much to expect from a PG 13 rated horror movie, but Ouija barely makes an effort with formulaic redundancy. The only good thing that ever came out of it is a funny marketing campaign.

This film was made by Hasbro in partnership with Universal as an adaptation of its board game of the same name. Apparently if you buy their Ouija, you and your friends will die one by one, haunted by a low budget ghost.

I don’t know if this advertising ploy was effective in drumming up sales for the board game. But judging from the box office figures it managed to take money from audiences who either have very low expectations or were fooled by the trailer.

My Rating: 1/10

3 Comments Add yours

  1. thycriticman says:


    …and well deserved. This is a horrible movie that doesn’t even try. It takes everything that it has learned from other movies and tries to pass it off as new.

    1. A.M. Ramirez says:

      I thought of going easy on it and giving it a 3, but then I watched Babadook and it skyrocketed my standards. lol

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