Kyss Mig is a generic love story, but you still get a beautifully shot and subtle romance that avoids most cliches of its genre with nuanced characters and a grounded screenplay.

In this love story with a twist two stepsisters-to-be fall in love – creating turmoil and heartbreak for everyone involved. KISS ME pushes us into the unexpected – and for Mia, the film’s main character – the unexpected is exactly where she needs to be.

Kyss Mig (With Every Heartbeat) portrays the repercussions of a love affair without resorting to the doomed lesbian storyline. It deals with love, acceptance, sexuality, and family relationships in an honest way.

It avoids tropes that are common in lesbian films. There’s no straight girl to convert (Mia confessed that she slept with a woman before Tim), nor to save from the bad boy friend.

The characters are nuanced. The  movie involves the family into the fray. This results into a realistic view of how homosexuality is tolerated in the modern world, but still isn’t accepted, especially when it happens within a family.

The whole cast is superb, with the main actors delivering a natural portrayal of two people caught in an emotionally  stressful situation but still gives in to what they feel.

All of these are shown with stunning cinematography. The score was sweet and a bit haunting.

However, Kyss Mig wasn’t able to avoid all cliches. The usual soon to be married/have a serious boyfriend girl falls in love with an out lesbian storyline is still there.  The love story isn’t predictable but its still generic.

Nonetheless, Kyss Mig provides a refreshingly honest take on a familiar narrative.

My Rating: 7/10