Movie Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love

A romantic comedy that’s both silly and sweet, with a talented cast that will keep you entertained.

Cal (Steve Carell) is living the perfect life until his wife (Julian Moore) admits to cheating on him and asks for a divorce. He spends the rest of his days alone in a local bar until a ladies man, Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling), takes him under his wing. Back at home his children are experiencing problems of their own. Hilarity ensues as each character deals with the joy and frustrations of love.

An engaging screenplay of interconnected stories and a funny ensemble make this punctuated movie entertaining to watch.

Steve Carell milks out every embarrassing situation for comic relief, but in a good way. Ryan Gosling comes in with a knack for comedic timing with charm and confidence that shines as much as his expensive suits. The dynamic between the two provide lots of laughs, as the slick Jacob teaches the straight laced Cal on the opposite sex, and scoring lots of them.

The rest of the cast are great on their own too, as they deal with their own subplots that we are familiar with – love triangles and unrequited love. The movie portrays hopeless romantics and sexual predators without leaving out the painful parts. All of these stories come together with a surprising twist towards the end.

The movie dips into some cliches though, especially with the wise Robbie and the predictable big speech. Unless Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are on the screen the movie tends to drag on.

Nonetheless, Crazy, Stupid, Love is still an enjoyable honest romantic comedy that balance reality with fluff.

My Rating: 8/10

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