Movie Review: Insidious (Spoiler Alert)

The movie started off well and it did had some scary tense moments, but gets ridiculous halfway through. It was like watching a movie that took place in a haunted house in an amusement park. It wasn’t so bad though, and actually fun. The use (or lack) of lighting, camera and sound effects to scare the audience and not relying on CGI and gore were commendable. But then towards the end everything became silly and predictable. The end itself was a cliche. Overall its entertaining enough but falls short of its first spooky steps.

It  started off with some classic hints of a creepy disturbance – missing box, toppled books and of course one of the kids saw something.  Then things got steadily worse for the family as one of the kids got into a mysterious coma after they had just moved into a new house. Voices, strange appearances and some ominous presence disturb the wife, while the husband stays at work to avoid the problem. The other kids were also getting creeped out. After one night when the haunting just got too much, they finally moved out.

I don’t want to spoil you too much, but at this point the movie turns into Halloween Gothic flick. It used astral projection with demonic possession which was quite unique, but instead of having a good climax to a crafty build up, everything turned silly, like when all the ghosts in a haunted house finally come out of the woodwork for a final act before the kids go through the exit. The characters conveniently fend off their demons in the nick of time….or did they?  yup someone dies, evil wins, fade to black.

My Rating: 6/10

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