Movie Review: Duck Butter

Duck Butter falls short of its aspirations to provide insight about intimacy as it gets setback by an inadequate script that fails to take its daring premise past a silly sex game.

Cinemalaya Movie Review: Mamang

Mamang is a charming feel-good movie about senility thanks to a script that deftly blends lighthearted humor to a bleak subject, bolstered by great performances from a cast of endearing quirky characters.

Cinemalaya Movie Review: Liway

Liway is a poignant yet powerful family drama that shows us the importance of stories thanks to earnest performances and a thoughtful script.

Movie Review: It Comes at Night

It Comes at Night is a straightforward yet well crafted horror that examines human nature in the face of survival through the deft use of visuals, sound design, and acting performances.