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Cinemalaya Movie Review: I America

I America provides a sad but truthful social commentary on Filipino’s colonial mentality, but lacks the narrative focus to deliver a compelling story for its titular character.

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Cinemalaya Movie Review: Tuos

Tuos is a compelling tale about the shackles of tradition thanks to a  well executed script, captivating cinematography, stellar performances from its cast, and deft direction.

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Cinemalaya Movie Review: Mercury is Mine

Mercury is Mine features a great performance by Pokwang and poses an interesting social commentary, but an uneven script prevents it from turning into a compelling frisky dark comedy that it aspires to be.

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Cinemalaya Movie Review: Kusina

Kusina has a theatrical style that would have served it better on a live stage, but a stellar performance by Judy Ann Santos, smart script, deft execution, and creative use of its play-like elements result into an affecting autobiography.

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Movie Review: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad wastes its potential to become the much needed antihero ensemble movie of the year with a by-the-numbers screenplay that’s also poorly written, badly executed, and overhyped.

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Movie Review: Eddie the Eagle

Eddie the Eagle is backed by great performances and deft camerawork, but this true to life story is heavily fictionalized, forgettable and more concerned with myth-making than the personal journey of its titular character.

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